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ID Title First Name Last Name Country
1000 Design of a Calibration System for Miniature Carbon Dioxide Sensors Mengna Li China
1001 Traceability of pulsed flow rates consisting of constant delivered volumes at given time interval Hugo Bissig Switzerland
1002 Liquid properties effects on Coriolis and thermal mass flow meters at very low flow rates Hugo Bissig Switzerland
1007 Flow Measurement Turn Down Analysis for DP Flow Meter using Multiple Multivariable Transmitters Akio Ito Japan
1010 Improvements To The Primary LNG Mass Flow Standard Menne Schakel Netherlands
1011 Gas flow meter with thermal time-of-flight technology Liji Huang United States
1013 Bilateral Comparison in the Calibration of Atmospheric Tank Provers by Volumetric and Gravimetric Methods KAZUTO KAWAKITA Brazil
1015 Design of gravimetric primary standards for field testing of hydrogen refuelling stations Marc de Huu Switzerland
1016 Effect of Reynolds number and Boundary Layer Thickness on the Performance of V-cone Flowmeter Using CFD SHEIKH NASIRUDDIN India
1023 Examination of Hydrogen Influence on Physical Properties of Natural Gas and Metrological Characteristics of Its Metering Systems Volodymyr Naumenko Ukraine
1024 Orifice plate pressure loss ratio: theoretical work in compressible flow and experimental work in CO2 Michael Reader-Harris United Kingdom
1025 Wet Gas Performance of Coriolis Meters: Laboratory and the Field Evaluation of a New Method Justin Hollingsworth United States
1028 The high pressure close loop gas flow standard facility in NIM Chunhui Li China
1029 EDF R Emmanuel THIBERT France
1030 Investigation of in-line pressure effect on Pitot tube measurements Isabelle CARE France
1033 On two-phase flow models for Coriolis flowmeters Xiao-Zhang ZHANG China
1037 Pitot tube based on mean square error algorithm for gas-liquid mixed phase flow gas flow measurement zhongjun han China
1038 A Method for Maintaining Accuracy of Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters Calibrated on Air at Atmospheric Pressure when Measuring Natural Gas at High Pressure Volodymyr Naumenko Ukraine
1040 Development of an optical measurement method for “sampled” micro-volumes and nano-flow rates Florestan Ogheard France
1042 The Impact of Geometric Parameters of a S-type Pitot tube on the Flow Velocity Measurement at Smoke-stacks Woong Kang South Korea
1043 Pitometry as a validation tool for water flow measurement in large diameter pipelines KAZUTO KAWAKITA Brazil
1044 Study on Application of Wet Gas Metering Technology in Shale Gas Measurement Qiang Zhang China
1045 Modeling of the Flow Comparator as Calibration Device for High Pressure Natural Gas Flow Metering in Modelica Sukhwinder Singh Germany
1046 Investigations on pressure dependence of Coriolis Mass Flow Meters used at Hydrogen Refuelling Stations Oliver Büker Sweden
1047 Discharge coefficients of CFVN predicted for high Reynolds numbers based on calibration with atmospheric air Bodo Mickan Germany
1048 Cyclonic stack flow measurement uncertainties and impact on annualised mass emission measurements Menne Schakel Netherlands
1050 Air and Nitrogen Testing of Coriolis Flow Meters Designed for Hydrogen Refuelling Stations Marc MacDonald United Kingdom
1052 Augmented Intelligence Applied to Natural Gas Ultrasonic Measurement James Ed"" Hanks United States
1053 Best Practices for Proving Coriolis Meters Marc Buttler United States
1054 Redefinition of standard equation for discharge coefficient of throat-tapped flow nozzle Noriyuki Furuichi Japan
1056 Development of clamp-on type thermal mass flow meter using near infrared absorption method for micro flow applications Seok Hwan Lee South Korea
1057 Measurement of hydrocarbon liquid flow rate using a volumetric and gravimetric method : comparison between KRISS and PTB hydrocarbon standard systems Seok Hwan Lee South Korea
1058 Uncertainty Evaluation of Stack Flowrate Measurement with S-Type Pitot Tube by using Monte Carlo Method Doan Trang Nguyen South Korea
1059 Comparison of calibrations of wind speed meters with a large blockage effect Jan Gersl Czech Republic
1060 Experimental Analysis of Influencing Factors on Flow Stability of Water Flow Facilities Tao Meng China
1063 Novel calibration facility for water flow with large temperature span Anders Niemann Denmark
1064 Hydrogen refuelling station calibration with a traceable gravimetric standard Rémy Maury France
1065 Numerical and Experimental Investigations on Cylindrical Critical Flow Venturi Nozzle (CFVN) Marc Antoine LAMBERT France
1066 Bistatic wind lidar system for traceable wind vector measurements with high spatial and temporal resolution Stefan Oertel Germany
1069 The inter-comparison of air speed from 2 m/s to 40 m/s by AMCA Pitot static tubes Yong-Moon Choi South Korea
1070 Numerical simulation, validation, and analysis of two-phase slug flow in large horizontal pipes Sonja Schmelter Germany
1071 Uncertainty Analysis for Multiphase Flow: A Case Study for Horizontal Air-Water Flow Experiments Felipe da Silva Brazil
1072 Identification of coherent structures in horizontal slug flow Marc Olbrich Germany
1075 Combining three independent traceability chains for high-pressure gas flow in Germany Jos van der GRINTEN Germany
1076 Flow Instability Evaluation at the NMISA Gas Flow Laboratory Deona Jonker South Africa
1077 Cavitating Herschel Venturi tube test rig Heiko Warnecke Germany
1079 Effects of inclination of a clearance-sealed piston prover on the leakage flow rate Gregor Bobovnik Slovenia
1082 Liquid level detection in standard capacity measures with computer vision Gregor Bobovnik Slovenia
1084 Improvements for vertical installation of Venturi tubes for wet-gas flow measurement Emmelyn Graham United Kingdom
1085 Assessment of allocation systems: combining Data Validation Henk Riezebos Netherlands
1087 A Low Reynolds Number Discharge Coefficient Equation for Critical Flow Venturis and the Effects of Inlet Radius Bradford Sims United States
1091 Performance of a water velocity calibration facility Heming Hu China
1094 Uncertainty of SO2 measurements in dryers due to water droplet and water film condensation Stanislav Knotek Czech Republic
1095 Factors influencing the quality flow measurements in drinking water systems – lessons learned Maria Silva Portugal
1097 Water cut determination in co-current liquid-liquid flow using electrical capacitance metering Yessica Arellano-Prieto United Kingdom
1102 The technical status and prospect of natural gas flow traceability system in China jiqin duan China
1103 Primary standard for liquid hydrocarbon at low flow rates using light oil, kerosene and industrial gasoline. Kar-Hooi Cheong Japan
1104 Turbulence Measurements With A New Two Components Ultrasonic Profiler Marie Burckbuchler France
1107 Deformations and volume changes due to moisture variations in heritage buildings - Use of NDT techniques José Dias Portugal
1110 Model Study on the volume value of the gas discharged by high precision bell prover Jing-fang XING China
1113 Orifice Meter Diagnostics – Predicting the Magnitudes of Flow Prediction Biases Richard Steven United States
1114 A Hybrid Wet Gas Meter Design for Marginal Fields Richard Steven United States
1117 Initial Results on the Flow Dynamics of Household Water Consumption Bulent Unsal Turkey
1118 Ultrasonic Flowmeter for flow rates below 100 l/h Rainer Kramer Germany
1119 Establishment of an Ultra-High-Accuracy 670L PVTt Gas Flow Primary Standard at NMIA Khaled Chahine Australia
1125 Performance of the LDA Volumetric Flow Rate Standard Under Severly Disturbed Flow Conditions Felix Heitmann Germany
1126 Low-pressure gas flow standard in Russian Federation: principles, calibration techniques, intercomparisons Ilya Isaev Russian Federation
1127 Calculation of the flow-rate measurement uncertainty by means of Pitot tubes using the Monte Carlo Method Luis Martins Portugal
1128 Uncertainty evaluation of totalization of flow and volume measurements in water supply networks Álvaro Ribeiro Portugal
1129 Predicting the Output Error of a Coriolis Flowmeter under Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Conditions through Analytical Modelling Yong Yan United Kingdom
1132 Reproducibility of Liquid Micro-Flow Measurements John Wright United States
1135 Primary Piston Prover Intercomparison Between PTB, VSL and FORCE Technology Arnthor Gunnarsson Denmark
1138 Results of Field Testing of Non-Nulling Technique in Natural Gas and Coal-Fired Stacks Aaron Johnson United States
1139 Comparison of two different methods for calibration of Cole type Pitot tubes Iuri Baldaconi da Silva Bispo Brazil
1140 Research on Performance of Stack Ultrasonic Flowmeters Liang Zhang China
1142 Experimental Study on Flow Rate Measurement Downstream of an Elbow Pipe using the Clamp-on ultrasonic Flowmeter Sanehiro Wada Japan
1144 A calibrated physical flow standard for medical perfusion imaging Gertjan Kok Netherlands
1145 Results from an intercomparison between multiphase flow test facilities Gertjan Kok Netherlands
1147 New EMPIR project – Metrology for Drug Delivery Elsa Batista Portugal
1149 Establishment and Verification of Mercury-Sealed Piston Prover for Primary Standard Ying-Chun Lin Afghanistan
1150 Oil-Water Flow Measurement for Custody Transfer Applications Wes Maru United Kingdom
1151 Problems to note when using the nozzle to nozzle test method Shinichi Nakao Japan
1154 Effects of step in CFVN on premature unchoking phenomena Naiki Takegawa Japan
1155 Application and Uncertainty Analysis of a New Balance used in Natural Gas Primary Standard up to 60bar Jia Ren China
1156 Flow4Link - The flow in the hand Duarte Silva Portugal
1157 A New Gravimetric Primary Standard for Natural Gas Flow Measurement at KOGAS Young-cheol Ha South Korea

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